What Are Top Java Programmer Jobs 2020

Making a career in computer science and choosing java for career opportunities is a wise decision. As we all know java programming language has the potential to provide the best career opportunity and growth. Today experts at list down top java programmer jobs 2020 for students in the US, Australia and other first world countries.

So, let’s start java Career Opportunity.

Java Career Opportunities

There was a report given by oracle corporation 2006 over 30000 organization had already become fusion middleware customers. IBM which is known as a pro player in the field of software management and marketing is additionally using Java. So you can see how Java has reached global popularity.

There’s a huge demand for Java programming experts all over the globe. You can take Oracle Java Certification to boost your profile for higher choice.

Various Java Career Options

In this guide to career opportunities in Java, below we are discussing different Java Career Options:


Junior programmer/ coder/ software engineer/ engineer/ applied scientist/ technologist/ computer user

Start your career with Java as a junior programmer. this position considered the primary 3 and 4 years of your career. Your major duties will be coding, debugging, code reviews, technical documentation. At this stage your prime focus should be learning new possibilities in java.

Senior computer programmer

Once you have the proper experience and expertise now you will promoted to the senior computer programmer role. You will have more responsibilities. And you need to monitor junior programmers. you also need to concern with coding and encoding issues. And you will even have an additional customer-facing role


Once you will have 10 years plus of experience within the trench now you will have an architect level role. That embraced duties of interfering with the purchases and shopper of your computer code analyzing necessities and collection. You will also need to perform a productive managerial role together with the upper management.

A report given by oracle says there are 9 million Java developers across the globe. And they are using Java for various purposes. Java is simple user-friendly less complicated and it has reliability this is the reason why people love to work with this language.

Java Programmer Salary

Average earning for Java developer within the USA is $102,000. Developers can improve the figure of their salary once they acquire a good number of experience in the field of software development and programming. You can expect to withdraw around 20% less salary in other locations such as Europe, Australia or the UK. You get the highest paying job only in the US being a java programmer.

Java Job Roles

Java job roles are not limited to the few tasks. It has a number of work roles. If you want to improve your Java skills you get better java job. Some of the java job roles opportunities are:

  • Java Developer
  • Java architect
  • Web Developer
  • Database Administrator

Java Programmer Skills

  • A java programmer will be called skillful if he has the following skills:
  • Enterprise Java Beans
  • Oracle info SQL and JDBC
  • XML, X query, XSL
  • J2EE framework
  • JSP
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Java-based web services
  • Java Servlet Technology

Java has grown a lot and it provides many career opportunities. If you are a student and interested in Java you can surely pursue your career in this field. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, akamai technologies are some of the companies where use of Java language is quite common. So, this was all in Java Career Opportunity. I hope you like our explanation.


Now we can see how Java can change your career and what kind of career opportunities you can have. Java is a job of responsibility and gift of a good salary package so if you want to pursue your career in this field you should not worry about anything just update yourself with technology and enjoy a successful life.

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